External Logins

external logins

External logins allow users to authenticate using a third-party. This feature is not available with all plans, and may require an upgrade. POP Forums is compatible with Google, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as OAuth2 providers who use JWT's. If an external login isn't already associated with a forum account, the user has the opportunity to either create a new account, or associate it with an existing account by logging in to it. They can remove these associations in the drop-down menu from their user name when they are logged in. The following documentation could quickly become out-of-date, as each vendor could change the process without notice.

On the external logins page of your forum's administration area, you enable each provider by checking the box to enable, then entering a client ID and secret. Obtaining these is different for every provider.




OAuth2 returning JWT

This is for advanced users integrating with another OAuth2 source that supports JWT.